If you’re one of the 11.8 million adolescents in the United States who is abusing this substance, then you need to consider enrolling into treatment, so you can free yourself from dependence.

Moreover, the health consequences of long-term abuse of marijuana can cause serious damage to your brain, lungs, heart, and your entire body. If you’re still having second thoughts of going into rehab, then this read will give light to your questions and misconceptions.

7 Reasons Why You Need To Go Into Rehab Today?

It is everyone’s struggle to convince themselves to enroll into a rehab center, because of social stigma and the fear of the unknown. Luckily, we have compiled the best reasons from professionals and patients who have experienced being treated inside a rehab center.

  1. Marijuana AddictionDoing self-medication is dangerous and mostly ineffective. You will have a difficult time handling treatment by yourself, especially when you have been abusing weed for a long time. Oftentimes, the withdrawal symptoms are painful during detoxification, so you will direly need medical supervision around the clock.
  2. A rehab center is well-equipped with the facility and people needed for treatment. People under the influence of alcohol and marijuana are prone to accidents and risky behaviors,which can shorten their life. When you enroll into rehab, you are placing yourself in a safe, clean, and controlled environment, where you can focus on your recovery.
  3. They can help you bring back your normal life. Any rehab center has a systematic way of giving you a tailored-fit recovery plan for your marijuana use disorder. These substances will disrupt your normal behavior and thinking, which is harmful to your family, friends, and oneself.
  4. You will be trained to live a balanced life towards sobriety. In a rehab center, you will not just learn how to recover from marijuana addiction, but they will also teach you how to sustain a sober life. By following your specified routine, you are diverting yourself from your bad ways.
  5. Rehab can help you understand yourself more. Inside the facility, you have enough time to know yourself and how you can positively cope with triggers and risk factors. Likewise, by socializing with others, you can reflect and learn from their experiences and success stories.
  6. You have a greater chance of saving your relationship. Once you are inside rehab, you are rebuilding the trust of your family, friends, and loved ones. As you gradually learn to understand yourself more and develop positive means of coping with stress and triggers, then you can communicate well with others.
  7. Provides another avenue for fruitful relationships with other patients. Besides your medication and individual counseling, you will also participate in group therapy. With that, you can talk and mingle with other patients and build camaraderie with them.

How Will You Choose Rehab Center for Marijuana Addiction?

There are hundreds of rehab centers in the United States, and finding the right one for your needs can be challenging. Nevertheless, enrolling into rehab is a wise decision for yourself and for your family. Alongside this, here are the vital factors you can consider in selecting the best rehab center near you.

1. Set Your Goals for Recovery

Rehab For Marijuana AddictionEvery rehab center has their own specialty in helping patients recover from substance use disorder. Prior to selecting your rehab, it’s important that you talk to a doctor or addiction specialist, so they can guide in setting your goals for treatment.

Once you outlined your goals, you are ready to select the most suitable rehab center that will help you recover from marijuana addiction.

2. Background Check Your Top Three Rehab Centers

You have a multitude of ways to check the credibility of any rehab facility near you. Below are some of the best means to do it.

  • Read their company profile from their website
  • Ask for referrals and know their experiences with that rehab center
  • Read the customer reviews in their website
  • Call them and inquire for their treatment programs

3. Will You Go Inpatient or Outpatient Plan?

If your marijuana addiction and withdrawal symptoms are severe, then we recommend that you opt for an inpatient treatment plan. With this, you get a 24/7 medical supervision for your detox and medications. Likewise, there is close monitoring with your individual and group therapy sessions.

Conversely, you can go for an outpatient when your substance use disorder isn’t that acute and you are on a budget. Also,outpatient treatment is mostly followed once you complete your inpatient recovery program.

4. Inquire for their Specializations

Not all rehab facilities can cater all types of addiction and alcoholism since they can be limited in their equipment and medical personnel. Consequently, you can give them a call to ask for their known treatments and what’s included in the program.

Oftentimes, the success rate of your recovery will also depend on the rehab center’s capacity to help you recover from marijuana addiction.

5. Ask them About Their Behavioral Therapies

Marijuana AddictionMedication and detox isn’t just the important components of a treatment plan since we also need to correct your unhealthy behaviors and mentality. With that, group and individual counseling is highly essential to help you retain a sober life.

Some of the common behavioral therapies used for marijuana addiction are Contingency Management and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

6. Go for a Site Visit

To see is to believe, so you need to visit the area where your preferred rehab centers are located. By doing an ocular inspection, you can see their existing equipment and amenities, which indirectly tells you the quality of their service.

7. Duration for Marijuana Addiction Treatment Program

Perhaps, the shortest treatment plan is around two weeks, yet the standard length is around 30 days. If your substance use disorder is worse, then they can give you a 60 or 90 day recovery plan.

Technically, there are no definite durations for treating any addiction cases since it will depend on your overall condition before undergoing rehab. Likewise, you can ask them about their monitoring plan and how they address success rate and a relapse event.

Planning To Enroll Into Rehab?

Enrolling into a rehab center increases your chance of getting your life back and your relationship with your family and friends. Alongside this, you can ensure you choose the best rehab center when you talk to an addiction specialist today.

They will help you plan and prepare yourself before undertaking any rehab treatment programs near you.

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