As a benzodiazepine drug, Klonopin treats symptoms of sleep-related problems like insomnia and anxiety disorders. Even though Klonopin can be beneficial to people suffering from severe anxiety disorders, it also has a high p[otential for addiction and abuse in users. On the other hand, since doctors typically prescribe benzodiazepines, most people believe they are safer to misuse than illegal drugs.

This assumption can also apply to individuals who have become dependent on Klonopin and are trying to stop using them. This increases the possibility of such people attempting to do a Klonopin detox alone at home, which can be a potentially dangerous situation.

Klonopin withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening, so a Klonopin detox will need a qualified medical professional to supervise the whole process, so it goes safely.

Klonopin Withdrawal Symptoms

Klonopin Detox At HomeSince this medication is a central nervous system depressant, it delays the activity in the nervous system and blocks specific nerve signals from getting to the brain. These are the signals in charge of creating feelings of anxiety and stress.

Thus, if you stop taking Klonopin after using it for an extended period, the Central Nervous System, which is no longer repressed, will go into a hyperactivity state. This results in a dangerously high heart rate, uncontrollable shaking, and overactive reflexes. It also increases the risk of getting seizures.

Anyone taking this medication to manage anxiety or insomnia before becoming dependent on it will most likely get rebound insomnia or anxiety. This is when the initial symptoms or condition you were treating comes back and is worse.

Rebound insomnia can lead to complete sleeplessness for days, while rebound anxiety can result in hyperventilation, paranoia, delusions, and severe panic attacks.

Detoxing from Klonopin at Home

The symptoms mentioned should be an appropriate warning of trying a Klonopin detox at home since Benzo withdrawal can kill you. There is a very high risk of severe health consequences if you try to go through the process without some medical intervention or supervision. Given this risk, doing a Klonopin detox at a certified medical detox facility is always advisable.

Even if the person does not experience confusion, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, or seizures and try to detox at home unsupervised, there is a high chance you’ll harm yourself by accident or worse.

Another risk to consider is benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome, which intensifies the typical Klonopin withdrawal symptoms making them harder to address. This condition also extends the entire detox process more than expected, exhibiting symptoms uncommon to Klonopin withdrawal, such as:

  • Klonopin Detox At HomeLoss of memory
  • Mania
  • Psychosis
  • Catatonia
  • Convulsions
  • Heart palpitations
  • Disassociation
  • Delirium

Individuals who have been abusing heavy amounts of Klonopin over a short period are most likely to experience benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome during the Klonopin detox. This condition can further increase the unpredictability and risk of a Klonopin detox. Therefore, if you try to detox alone at home and complications arise due to these symptoms, you will put yourself in possible danger unnecessarily.

What to Expect During an At-Home Klonopin Detox

Klonopin Detox At HomeMany people would still love to achieve the goal of having a private Klonopin detox process at home. This is still possible if you acquire the services of a private detox medical professional to make sure the process goes smoothly and safely.

A private detox medical professional is highly trained to respond quickly with the proper interventions during detox as needed. When you are under the supervision of a doctor, a detox nurse will guide you through Klonopin withdrawal and detox. A detox nurse has all the training to offer medical assistance with Klonopin withdrawal symptoms ranging from severe to mild.

Even though Klonopin withdrawal is not pleasant, a team of qualified addiction professionals can monitor and guide you through the process and help to reduce the discomfort of it all. A Klonopin detox typically lasts for about 1-2 weeks. The intensity and timeline of the withdrawal symptoms depend on factors such as the person’s overall health status, the current Klonopin dosage, and the duration of abuse.

Even though completing a Klonopin detox is the best way to start the recovery journey, it is only the beginning of achieving a sober lifestyle. To break the drug abuse and addiction cycle, you must learn new coping mechanisms for stressors and emotions that would trigger you to fall back into drug abuse.

You can only achieve this by engaging in a comprehensive addiction treatment program, which you can either do in an inpatient or outpatient setting. It is best to look into different rehab alternatives before starting your Klonopin detox. This will give you enough time to find a program that fits your recovery needs.

Since there are so many substance abuse treatment programs available, take some time to plan for this next stage of your life and check your insurance benefits as you make your decision.

Medical Klonopin Detox As An Option

Attending a medical facility for your Klonopin detox means you will have around-the-clock monitoring and supervision by medical staff. They have the necessary experience dealing with problems and complications during detox, such as benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome and seizures.

Medical detox can help you avoid complications like seizures during withdrawal through a tapering schedule administered by a medical professional. This involves reducing your Klonopin dosage slowly (or tapering)until it is safe enough to stop using the drug without shocking the central nervous system or setting off seizures.

You will also receive medication-assisted treatment (MAT), which can help ease Klonopin withdrawal symptoms. This includes using anticonvulsants to help with seizures, sleep aids for sleep-related symptoms, and antidepressants to address depression.

In conclusion, you do not have to go through a Klonopin detox alone. Having the right team skilled in addiction treatment can help ease the discomfort of the process and ensure your safety throughout.

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